I am a freelance, Self-taught Art Photographer, based in Orange County, California.

From an early age, I had a very strong imagination. As a child, I enjoyed imagining and telling stories about objects, people and events that I encountered in my surroundings. Growing up, I developed an interest in philosophy and observing human behavior. Combining my passion for storytelling and philosophical concepts, I began my journey in experimenting with conceptual art, first by trying surreal painting as a teenager. Later, I began writing plays and made some friends in the film industry, and so a flame for telling stories through the camera lens was ignited within me. 

My educational and professional background is in finance. During my years as a college student and early on in my career, my desire to remain active as a visual artist grew stronger. Finally, in 2015 I decided to spend more time on creating art. 

Today, I find inspiration in the nature, philosophy, and the human psyche to tell stories through  conceptual and fine art photography. The majority of my works are in series.

I enjoy using photography as my medium to express, engage, and educate. All of my fine art prints are limited edition.

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